The Love Who Covered The World

Love should not buy you pretty things, but a cure to waiting hearts. Love should not make you a fool, a retard, a hopeless single. Love is not a right you can impose to anyone. It’s a privilege of seeing someone in a frail situation. It will put you in a situation where all you can choose from is accept it or deny happiness and regret it.

I, myself, fell in love with the fact that I survived eighteen years without having any relationship with the opposite sex while others probably have been in dozens. I survived life knowing that I felt enough love from everyone. Maybe if this kind of love will carry on, then let it be. I’ll just wait for God to lead a man to me.

Obviously, I’m not looking forward to a life without a spouse. Of course, no one wants to be alone, but let’s get this straight, you’re more than ok on your own and you don’t need someone who will complete you. You’re a whole person with a complete personality. What you need is a whole person who needs a companion for life. Someone who can be happy without relying on other people to make him feel happy. A person who can stand on his own. A person who you deserve.

I heard all about it. Love is amazing, but are you sure it’s love? I can certainly feel that’s peer pressure veiled with smiles and selfies with that boy/girl to brag about. But of course, who am I to judge?

Let me ask you this, do really know what true love is? I KNOW WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. I’m sure of this and I’ll hold onto it forever.

You’ve never felt love until you see your mother cry because she kept all her problems to herself. She needs to stay upright and faking smiles over tears because you have no one to look up to but her. She never complains about how little she’s getting as long as you get what you need (and sometimes unnecessary wants because she wants to put a smile on your face.

You’ve never seen love until you see your father makes time for your family even if he’s busy. He sometimes let you do your thing even if your mother does not approve of it because he wanted you to learn things in a different perspective. He rarely gets mad at you, but when he did, you better learn and not do it again. He stayed faithful and that’s what matters.

You’ve never seen love this great when Jesus said, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” He felt abandoned yet he took the responsibility to carry the sin of the world on his cross so that we may be righteous in the eyes of God. He took a burden we should have carried.

Now that you know all of these, do you really know this kind of love or even noticed this? Do you really express love for them more than you what you do with your so-called ‘love’? It’s time to look around and appreciate. Your Love should be felt by everyone who loved you first.


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